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We get it. When it comes to solar power, we're just as obsessed with the sun as you, and here's why:

It's the most affordable source of energy - The price of solar energy has fallen steadily over the years, making it more affordable today than it's ever been. The average solar customer in the United States pays around $2.99 per watt for their solar energy, compared to the average of about $11 per watt for those who draw electrical power exclusively from their local grid. As you can see, the cost savings can be quite significant.

It never runs out - Solar energy is a renewable resource, so as long as you have enough solar panels installed to collect the energy you need, you'll never run out of it. Even on days when the weather is disagreeable and the sun isn't showing itself, you'll have enough energy stored away to keep your home or business running. With the addition of net metering in many states, you'll have even more peace of mind during the times you're forced to access additional energy off the local grid.

It's silent - The working bits of a solar energy system are generally made up of several components, including: an inverter to convert the power, solar batteries to store it, a meter to keep track of usage, a disconnect device for emergencies, and the solar panels themselves. Every component works quietly, without the hum and vibrations that you're probably used to hearing from standard electrical equipment.

It adds value to your home - A recent study has shown that solar panels increase a home's value by almost $17,000 on average, and that homes equipped with solar power systems sell for up to 3.73% more than comparable homes without solar power systems. Not only can you save money on your energy bills, you can sell your house for an increased profit!

It decreases your dependence on municipal power - Municipal power companies are often controlled by major corporations that are more interested in increasing their profits than helping you get lower energy bills. By installing a solar energy system for your home or business, you can decrease your reliance on them. Even better, with a little more investment you can completely cut ties with your local utility company by installing generators to work alongside your solar panel kit.

It allows you to rely less on pollution-causing technologies - Renewable energy is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity, in part due to what we've learned over the decades about fossil fuels and their impact on the environment. By installing a solar power system, you can feel confident in knowing that you're helping reduce the use of fossil fuels in your area. It feels good going green!

Let RT's Construction help you cut costs on your utility bills & improve the value of your home by powering it with solar energy! As one of very few licensed, bonded, and insured solar installation companies in Connecticut, our mission is to share our obsession with homeowners across the state.

With more than 35 years of combined industry experience, we've kept up with changes in solar technology. It is now reported to be one of the most advanced and affordable power solutions in the world.

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Does Your Area Get Enough Sun?

The amount of direct sunlight your home is exposed to is crucial for a solar power system to work as efficiently as possible. If your house is surrounded by tall trees, it may be harder for sunlight to reach any solar panels that might be installed on your roof. If you are in an area with a lot of hills or mountains, consider that the terrain may interfere with how much light a solar panel can absorb throughout the day. Even city locations can cause logistical problems for solar energy devices - tall buildings, billboards, and other suburban structures often interfere with solar panel setups.

Regardless of your home's physical location, it's a good idea to contact your local solar energy installer, as they'll be able to inspect your location and come up with an agreeable plan of action that will allow for an optimal solar power setup.

What Type Of Roof Do You Have?

One important aspect to consider is the roof on your house. Not all roofs are suitable for a quick installation of solar panels, but companies with more experience are generally prepared to invest the time and the effort it can take to add panels to roofs that are considered difficult to work with. Roofs with Spanish tiles, for example, are notoriously difficult when it comes to safely mounting solar panels, so many installation companies outright refuse to work on them.

Ultimately, you'll need to call companies in your area to verify that they would be willing to take on a potentially problematic installation job.

What are the best roofs for solar panels? Composite roofing, the most common kind available, requires minimal effort on the part of the contractor. Metal roofs allow installers to attach panels directly to the seams in the roofing, thereby cutting down on labor. Tar-and-gravel flat rooftops require brackets that will allow the solar panels to tilt at the necessary angle, but are considered easy to install on. Wood roofs are also easy to work with, but keep in mind that fire safety concerns may be an issue.

Does Your Roof Need Repairs?

This is probably the first thing that should come to mind when considering solar panelling for a building. How old is your roof? Is it suffering from leaks, broken tiles, or even structural damage? Will the warranty for your roofing fall in line with the warranty for the solar panel system, so that you don't end up accruing additional costs when it comes time to replace the shingles? Keep in mind that even minor damage to a roof can turn a successful solar panel installation into a constant maintenance issue further down the road.

How Easy Will It Be To Work With The Local Utility Company?

Despite the fact that alternative energy has been an established industry for decades, not every utility company is prepared to offer their full cooperation and support when it comes time to install your solar panels and connect them to the grid. Rural areas, especially, may not have their grids properly set up for integration with third-party energy systems, which means you could miss out on state credits and discounts. Contact your utility company to find out whether they are equipped to connect your system, what fees will be involved, and what kinds of perks will be available once you're connected to the grid.

Will You Be Able To Take Advantage Of Rebates?

Many states and cities offer, in collaboration with solar companies, rebates for homeowners and businesses that install solar panels. Before you begin your project, ask your installer what rebate options they have access to, and whether they know of any rebates offered by city, municipality, or state. You can also contact your local government's renewable energy department and inquire about rebates.

Will You Be Able To Take Advantage of Tax Credits?

In addition to doling out rebates to residents and businesses that take advantage of renewable energy technologies, Connecticut (among many other states) offers programs like low-interest loans and tax exemptions that can save you thousands of dollars on your installation and use. Another useful program, net metering, rewards you credit for the extra electricity your system produces and allows you to spend those credits when your system isn't generating enough power.

Taking advantage of these kinds of programs is a handy way to save money, put energy back into the grid, and use generated power more responsibly. Give your local city or state government a call if you want to find out more about your area's consumable energy tax programs.

Will You Be Able To Afford An Installation?

One of the biggest worries that every potential solar panel user faces is about the cost - will they be able to cover everything, even with city and state discounts and the possibility of getting a loan? This kind of uncertainty isn't helped by the absolute plethora of solar panel equipment that is available on the market; it can be very confusing to choose from among the countless varieties of panels, generators, mounting equipment, batteries and other items that are needed for a reliable setup.

Fortunately, with a little help from an experienced solar panel installation company like RT's Construction, you can find an affordable renewable energy system for your home or business. Along with an estimate that will cover what your total cost will be for installation and maintenance, you can get the best advice on which brands will work for your needs, which equipment is necessary, and what your options are when it comes to tax credits, loans, and rebates.

Let's Talk Financials

Basically, there are three financial reasons to switch to solar:

Number three

Number three

Increasing property resale value

Number two

Number two

Receiving state and/or federal tax incentives

Number one

Number one

Saving money on your electricity bills

If you live in the Connecticut area and are interested in getting a solar power system for your home or business, talk to the professionals at RT's Construction. With years of experience installing and maintaining solar panels, our master technicians can find the best system for your situation, budget, and personal needs. RT's Construction will be there for you, from the beginning of the blueprints to the end of the installation.

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